Available languages

Word lists are feasible for games when there are tens of thousands correct words in them, without any proper name or other non-word. Some languages are quite hard to find, so the words lists are just too small (as for now).

The list below shows the ISO codes of the languages available. The link will show you details of the language.

Interested in one of these languages or all of them? Just contact us.


Fonts and special characters

If you are used to the relatively simple character set of English, you will amaze yourself at the amount of characters and accents that some languages have.

You might have to check support for all those characters on the devices you consider a target platform.

Some special characters are rarely used. You could consider discarding words with these characters. We will give you the information of the character frequencies.

Accents can be of value, especially in educational applications, but could also just be in the way of gameplay.

Some games 'scrabblelize' the words to remove all accents not considered essential. (Unfortunately, not all languages have an official Scrabble standard; some of these Scrabble standards are outdated by language reforms.)

Of course you can trust us to help with 'scrabbelizing' and selecting the words you want.


A common question is the rudeness of words. We are not able to judge interpretations of words; there is a big variety in culture across words and people. We know how to 'measure' rudeness of words, but we can never guarantee no rude words are in the list. One might be offended when a words like 'swine' is used, while it is just a word for an animal. Checking rudeness takes a lot of time and resources.


A good deal

We have two standard options for licensing our word lists.

You could invest in your application and buy the lists.

Or we could team up. We will license you all our word lists for a percentage of the revenues of the application.

You would like a different option? Contact us and we will consider it.

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