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    Our clients are developers of popular words games:

    Wordfeud, Ruzzle, King of Words, WordOn, WordBoxer, Word Yap, Spelltower and WordCrex.

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    Translate your entire game or other app to Dutch, not just the dictionary. Don't trust automatic translations to replace words, trust real people to have the message understood.

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Are you looking for a word list for your game?

You are at the right place then. We at SpellOnIt produce words list for any language we can find.

About Us

SpellOnIt is a trade name of TaalTik

TaalTik is a language technology company based in The Netherlands.

The Dutch language is our core business of course, but we are working on all modern written languages.

We gather all language information ourselves using smart techniques involving data collection, smart data filtering and of course human oversight.

We produce our quality word lists from freely available data in a way there are no legal issues whatsoever.

Our offer includes 1 year of maintenance and the option to continue that.

Should you need any kind of language data, we might have that too. Just ask.

Word lists

We offer word lists for almost every language of the world.

No words game without a word list. Conquer the world with ours.

We offer the worlds greatest languages for a fee that makes both parties prosper.

All our lists are free of claims from any other party. So no legal issues.

We keep on improving all languages using automated as well as manual techniques. On top of that, we offer end-user feedback options.

When you request a list, we will guide you through the choices to be made for the language, concerning word selection, types of characters etc.

Please take notice that free word lists also exist. Those are however often 'polluted' with words you might not want in your games word list, like proper names or even common errors. We are confident we produce good quality/cost ratio.

Dutch translation

Translation of games and apps into the Dutch cultural setting and tongue is also a service of ours.

You might find our rates attractive compared to other translation companies. Simply because we are Dutch and very efficient.

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